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Bluetooth Pedal Control in Planning Center Music Stand App

I posted a video showing how to enable bluetooth pedal control in Planning Center’s Music Stand iOS app.

I posted a video showing how to enable bluetooth pedal control in Planning Center’s Music Stand iOS app.

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Scheduling Events on Extron SMP 351

How to set schedule events on an Extron SMP 351 using iCalendar.

UPDATE 2021-03-08: The scheduling method I’ve demonstrated will soon be antiquated. Extron plans to remove many of the default scheduling features in future firmware updates for their SMP 300 series devices. For devices running firmware 3.00 and above, scheduling will only be possible via the FlexOS App and may perhaps require an additional LinkLicense.

In this tutorial I walk through the steps required to set up an iCalendar on Microsoft Exchange Server to schedule events on an Extron SMP 351 streaming encoder.

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Convert 29.97fps Audio to 30fps

How to fix mismatched audio and video frame rates

January 19th, 2021 | Audio | , , , | Comments: 0

Choosing different frame rates for your audio recording versus your video recording is a really stupid mistake. I would never be so thoughtless, and you, dear reader, certainly would never do such a thing. But for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that hypothetically I happened to have recorded some audio at 29.97fps for a recent project, but the matching video was at shot at 30fps. With no possibility of a reshoot or overdub, I really needed to get the audio and video frame rates to match. Again, I would never make this mistake, but if I had, this is what I would do to fix my screw up.

The Fix for a Purely Hypothetical Scenario

  1. Record some audio at the wrong FPS. Way to go!
  2. Fire up the application Izotope RX. I used version 7 for this example and cannot recommend it enough. This is not an advertisement. I’m simply a fan of this software suite. It has saved and improved countless recordings for me.
  3. Open the Preferences for RX and select the Misc tab.
  4. Set the “Time scale frame rate” to your destination frame rate (the frame rate of your video).
  5. Click OK to close Preferences.
  6. Open your audio with RX.
  7. Make any edits you desire.
  8. Save or Export your audio.
  9. Import your audio with the corrected frame rate into your video editing software and time align it with your video.
  10. Wipe your brow and breathe a sigh of relief.

screenshot of an EHX forum post

Let me know if this worked for your friend or co-worker, because, again, like me, you would never make this mistake.


I’m posting this article because when I try searching for solutions to this problem the typical results are mostly professionals on forums with their stance: “THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT IS TO RECORD IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, NOOB.” Yeah? Well you know what? No.

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