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FIX: Pro Tools An unexpected authorization error 14051 occurred.

This might be the solution.

Screen shot of Pro Tools error dialog

An unexpected authorization error 14051 occurred.
ID: ePAY : 14051 / Dngl : 1595

I got this error a few days ago. It’s a new one for me. What caused this? Good question. I have no idea. Pro Tools wouldn’t really start after this.

As usual the Avid forums weren’t very helpful. Which led to this tweet…

For the record, at the time the error occurred I was running OS 10.8.4 and Pro Tools 9.0.6 on a Mac Book Pro with an iLok 2.

The Fix

I had to force quit Pro Tools. Then I unplugged my iLok 2 and plugged it into a different USB jack. Presto. Working again. Not sure what caused it, nor if switching USB jacks was actually the fix, but I did get it working again after doing so. Hope this helps somebody.


I confirmed again that switching which USB jack the iLok 2 was plugged into made the difference. I would think that this is a problem with that particular USB jack, but all other USB devices work just fine plugged in there. Hmm…



  1. 1 Gene 6:37 pm Nov 4, 2013

    Thanks so much.. It worked for me as well

  2. 2 Scott Troyer 6:39 pm Nov 4, 2013

    Great, Gene! Hope it helped you get back to recording.

  3. 3 Gene 6:39 pm Nov 4, 2013

    Ok.. I just unplugged mine and plugged it back up to the same usb port and it still worked as well.. 🙂

  4. 4 Gene 6:40 pm Nov 4, 2013

    Thanks once again Scott..

  5. 5 John 11:19 am Dec 17, 2013

    Thanks, I tried DUC before googling the problem again, leading to this page, which fixed things.
    Running OSX 10.9 and PT 9.0.5. For the record, I had run PT 11 in trial mode for a month when I went back to PT 9 and encountered the error.

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