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Scott Troyer reluctantly launched his solo career in mid-2006 when Rudisill, his former indie rock quartet, dissolved.

Finding himself without a band but many a song, Scott hastily recorded his EP called Somewhere Between Nicaragua & New York (2006) during a month long gap between a Nicaraguan amphitheater gig (singing in Spanish for 30,000 people) and his first East Coast tour (that began in New York and meandered about the U.S. for the next 6 years).

On this seemingly never-ending tour Scott discovered many new friends, places, instruments, and ideas that helped to give birth to his first full length album All Is Sideways (2012). The album deals with the distances between sea and land, heart and home, doubt and hope, man and god.

In addition to his own music, Scott has begun helping other artists bring their vision to life through songwriting, arrangement, production, and engineering.

Promotional Artwork & Photos

Artwork by Topher Aodhsson.
Photography by WhonPhoto.