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FIX: iZotope RX8 The selected audio device cannot be opened.

The fix might be easy.

February 2nd, 2021 | Technology | , , , , | Comments: 7
screenshot of an EHX forum post

The selected audio device cannot be opened. Please make sure it’s not in use by another application and its drivers are up to date. (CAD 0x6E6F7065 [0x6])

Getting this error? If so, you probably can’t play back your file. The problem might not be the output device, but the input device you have selected.

The Fix

  1. Open the Preferences for RX and select the Audio tab (if it is not already selected).
  2. Under the “Input device” field choose a different device than what is currently set. “No audio device” worked for me.
  3. Click OK to close Preferences.
  4. Try playing back your file. If that doesn’t work, try another device.

screenshot of an EHX forum post

Let me know if that worked for you.



  1. 1 Ryo 7:55 pm May 24, 2022

    Thank you bro

  2. 2 Ivan 11:16 am Apr 23, 2023

    Thank you! It works!

  3. 3 Chris C. 4:07 pm May 1, 2023

    That worked for me! Surprised that Izotope didn’t know this fix. Thank you!

  4. 4 Gursimer 3:57 pm Jun 27, 2023

    It did helped. Thanks a lot

  5. 5 Simon 7:44 pm Oct 10, 2023

    How do you open the preferences? I cant seem to find it anywhere

  6. 6 Scott Troyer 5:59 pm Oct 14, 2023

    The open Preferences on a Mac, hit Command+, (comma). The menu item is under the application name iZotope RX > Preferences. Should be similar on a Windows machine, though the hot key will be different.

  7. 7 Peter 5:24 pm Apr 7, 2024

    It worked for me on RX11 Mac. Thank you!

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