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Somewhere Between Nicaragua & New York

November 21, 2006

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Track List

No. Name Time Apple Amazon Bandcamp
01 Gotta Get Outta This Town 4:02 Apple Amazon Bandcamp
02 Sick Of All These Lies 2:42 Apple Amazon Bandcamp
03 A Tragic Story 5:08 Apple Amazon Bandcamp
04 Wish I Woulda Learned To Fly 2:07 Apple Amazon Bandcamp
05 If Ever In Doubt 4:17 Apple Amazon Bandcamp

Album Credits

Technician Role(s) Studio
Lynn Graber Recording & Mixing Engineer The Recording House, Grabill, IN
Scott Troyer Artist Fort Wayne, IN

These songs were written, arranged and produced by Scott Troyer. Lynn Graber engineered, played drums and beat a trashcan too. We recorded & mixed at The Recording House. The recording was done in the fall of 2006… on our Macs.