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Quit Social Media

Social media is a shit show at best and a social cancer at worst. Quit. Now. Do it. Don’t be afraid to cancel your account. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll find that your humanity will be restored. Fear of lost contact is what’s keep you locked into accounts that sell your data and […]

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Social media is a shit show at best and a social cancer at worst. Quit. Now. Do it. Don’t be afraid to cancel your account. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll find that your humanity will be restored. Fear of lost contact is what’s keep you locked into accounts that sell your data and spy on you.


The belief that social media is mandatory now is bullshit. You can and should quit. It’s the right thing to do. If you love someone, you’ll stay in touch with them. Faecesbook, Twatter, Snatchcrap, or whatever social network du jour are not the only way that modern humans can connect with each other.

Cancel. Disconnect. Sign out. Resign. Quit. Unsubscribe.

This is your life. Don’t let an advertising service own you.

One by one, I began quitting all social media a few years ago. It seemed crazy at the time, but in hindsight I no longer feel encumbered by the false weight those many platforms once placed on my life. It’s not real. The “service” they provide is not true life. Real life is real humans in real spaces talking about real things.

Yes, anonymous proxies can have useful functions , but for the vast majority of people social media is either an echo chamber, repression tank, or negative feedback loop.

Don’t be scared to quit. You aren’t missing out on anything except social posturing, virtue signaling, soapboxing, and dumbass politics that don’t do any real good in the real world.

Want to connect with friends or family? Call them. Yes, it’s scary to speak with people directly. You have to “think on your feet” and be real in the moment.

Better yet, invite people to your place or some location. Have a face to face interaction. It’s not very 21st century, but forget all that trendy VR and real time chat. Get in a real room (or nature, if you have any life left in you) with someone you care about and talk. It won’t be pretty, but it’s way harder to fake.

The real truth is that the tens, hundreds, or thousands of people that are called your “friends” or “followers” that you may think that care about about you, your life, or what you think is a terribly false representation of the truth. Pick 20 people. They possibly care. Narrow it down to 10. They might actually care. Cut that number in half. Those are the ones that will be there for you in true times of need for you.

Quit all social media. It is the false hope of our time. It is the cancer of our generation. It has not solved any problems. It merely makes us worse.

If you have any good argument to the contrary (and the onus is on the naysayer here), please leave it in the comments below.

Real life is happening and it’s not on social media.


As always, like, share, and subscribe. 🤮

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You vs. The World

Feeling up for the fight?

altered image of earth

We are unsuited for the battle this world presents.

When it comes down to it, it’s us, each of us, the individuals, versus the world.

Mostly unwittingly, we pit our own knowledge, logic, and wisdom, against the collective knowledge, logic, and wisdom of the entire rest of the world. When any one of us does anything or makes a statement, we open ourselves to be potentially judged by the entire world.

When we post a tweet or Facebook status update that contains something ignorant, foolish, unvetted, or decidedly individualistic and singular, we cast our vote to the roughly seven billion other people living on the planet (and those yet to come). Then they get to decide what to do with us.

The odds are astronomical.

The chances of any one of us having it all put together into a package that’s approvable by all the other humans is next to impossible. It’s more probable that I’ll win the lottery than be a person who has all of my thoughts inline with the zeitgeist of this age (or any age, really).

The truth is this: none of us has it together.

Most of us are fortunate enough not to have the eye of public scrutiny upon us because we are essentially not “persons of interest.” Some of us are wealthy enough to hide the parts of us that we know won’t pass The Test™. But even those among us that are fortunate enough to be able to hire PR reps, editors, or life coaches can rarely pass either.

The unfortunate ones among us are those that get our laundry aired for all to see. You know the ones – they’re in the court cases we read about, in the tabloid pictures we see, and news broadcasts we watch at 6pm and 11pm every night. They’re made infamous in YouTube videos and lynched on Twitter.

We relish these Darwin Award moments, because “Haha, who would be that stupid?!”

Answer: regular folks like you and me.

We all have laundry. And it’s dirty.

It’s sad how much dirt I personally have on the people around me. God knows, many people have dirt on me.

We could divulge so much about the people we know. Luckily, most of them are not famous enough, nor “valuable” enough for society-at-large to have reason to tear us all down. If you’re reading this, it’s likely (both statistically and by association with me) that you are not worth destroying either. You’re probably not a powerful politician, CEO, nor Kardashian with an empire to lose.

Lucky you.

And lucky me.

Because you’re not “valuable,” you’re entire life will be spared the microscopic, fine-tooth comb of large-scale public examination.

But just because you’re not a congressperson, fat cat, or reality TV star doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty. You probably think you aren’t, act like you aren’t, and judge others like you aren’t, but guess what… you’re guilty of something and you wouldn’t survive the gauntlet.

If your life and history were scoured by journalists, if your friends and family were interviewed to get the dirt on you, if everything you posted on the internet made its way onto the evening news, the verdict would come swift and sure: “You have failed.”

Perhaps even: “You are a failure.”

I don’t care how sure you think you are in your own belief and reasoning, if you ever come to find yourself in the spotlight and the World (that beastly, collective entity of humanity) gets to do it’s thing, you can be sure that “they” will find the fault in you. They will spare no judgement, penalty, nor harsh word to put you in your place.

It doesn’t matter what good deeds you’ve done. We only need one false step, one moment of humanity, a split second of personal expression to tie the boat anchor to your neck and sink you.

We’ll love watching you drown. We feed on the gossip, believing we’re innocent. We’re humans. This is our sickness.

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