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April 1st, 2020 | Journal | , , , , | Comments: 0

The strain of coronavirus now plaguing our world is more contagious than most understand. Our minds aren’t built to grasp exponentials. The math of this virus does not favor the desires of the human heart for social interaction and the need to continue life as we know it. Isolation is very hard, despite how dreamily utopian introverts may describe it.

Few of us have the resources, patience, or diligence to wait it out. Our leaders are obviously not great at leading us, and yet most of us are still waiting for them to show us the way before we take action. Their incompetence and our subservience will lead us to destruction. We need another way.

Sadly, the misdirection and misinformation will continue.

The immediate effects of the virus (the sickness, the dying, the isolation, the worry, the fear of each other) certainly will last well into late 2020, if not 2021. But the economic, social, and political repercussions will echo for much longer than that. Millions will die, then a great depression will come. We will have no other option than to rethink what this world is and what this life should be.

And yet I am hopeful.

I think know that the generous, beautiful, creative, anticipatory, unshaken, non-idle minds among us will turn inward to self-examine, find new meaning, develop methods, find the paths forward, and churn out new works to benefit their own being. But the fruit will not be simply to fill their own pockets. From the outset, these gems among the masses will know and act from the postion that the fruit of such diligent and relentlessly hopeful pursuit will spill over the rims of their own cups to inspire, engage, encourage, and challenge those around them that may have lost hope or can no longer see the way. Soon (in big picture sense of time) we will reap the harvest of great works of art, literature, music, and thought. Answers will emerge from this time of correction. They’ll come out of necessity, but with no less passion. Perhaps even more so.

Do not give up heart. Plant a garden, expect a harvest. Double down and reinvest in the soil of your own heart and mind knowing that your endeavors will better the lives of others. Dig deep and resolve to be a beacon of hope, self-reliance, exponential good, unselfish abundance, and goodwill to others when all around you the world may fall away.

A bee only happens to pollinate the flowers while in search of its own sustenance. Seek life and you will find it and you will give it to others.

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