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Scott Byler

candid shot of Scott Byler drumming

Scott’s not mad, he’s a method drummer and this song called for an angry beat.

Scott Byler is a drummer who started playing drums at the age of 14; after developing a deep love and passion for music earlier on in his childhood. Two years later, at the age of 16, he and some high school friends started their first band that they named Unorthodox.

Throughout Scott’s life, from that point on, he has played with many different musicians and just about every genre one could possibly imagine. From country-gospel to classic R&B, funk/soul to rock ’n’ roll, and everything in between. Scott Byler has truly played it all.

I asked Lynn Graber who he knew that he thought could play drums on the angry blues tune “Death of Seasons.” Lynn called up Scott Byler.

We set up the kit, amps, microphones, etc. and started warming up. I don’t remember exactly what I said to Scott to preface the session, but it was something along the lines of “Let’s rock.” And rock we did. Scott immediately found the vibe and played with confidence.

Scott Byler is a no nonsense drummer with a great sense of timing. I really enjoyed playing with him in the studio and am happy that he could contribute to my All Is Sideways album.

Scott Byler says:

It was really great to play with an incredibly talented musician like Scott Troyer. I am truly grateful for having received that opportunity!