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Melissa Schweizer

Melissa playing violin

Melissa played two violin parts on “Oceans of Blood,” but not at the same time. That would have cost extra and I was on a pretty tight budget.

Melissa started playing violin when she was just five years old. She played in the Chattanooga Symphony Youth Orchestra for five years and went to All-State Tennessee for three years.

Like most of the other players of the orchestra featured on “Oceans of Blood,” Melissa was someone I met through the the Betts sisters.

The brass portions of the orchestra were recorded in a tiny office room at Walker Valley High School, but when the nearby hallway grew too noisy for tracking violin, we moved from the tiny office to a quieter room deeper in the recesses of the faculty offices. That’s where I recorded Melissa (after unplugging the buzzing soda machine).

Since I’m not really a legitimate composer, I had to ask Melissa if what was written for her was correct. She assured me that except for a few minor changes everything was right. Then she efficiently executed the violins parts I had scored. She made it seem too easy. Next time I’ll give you something tougher, Melissa. 😉

Hear Melissa play violin on “Oceans of Blood,” track five of All Is Sideways.