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Matthew “2.0” Lugo

portrait of Matthew

2.0 is the robot clone that killed and replaced the original Matthew Lugo. He (it?) prefers open-source and operates on a custom Linux distribution.

When I met Matthew, everyone referred to him a 2.0 (pronounced: two point oh), but no one seemed to have sufficient explanation for why this was his nickname. Ah, a bit of mystery…that’s a good attribute for a man to have.

Anyway, Matthew played the clarinet heard in the opening lines and the orchestral sections of “Oceans of Blood.” He was brought to me by the Betts sisters and introduced as one of the best players in the Walker Valley High School band. We tracked his line in that tiny makeshift office-turned-studio off a noisy hallway near the band’s practice room. Indeed, he was good and played beautifully. Thank you, Matthew, for playing on my record.

Matthew says:

My name is Matthew Lugo and I graduated high school from Walker Valley. This summer I taught some beginning clarinet players, which was a really cool experience. Now I have started on my degree in Music Industry at Middle Tennessee State University. I made first chair in their Symphonic band, which I was really excited about since I’m a freshman, but everyone is such a great player that it doesn’t even matter. It’s all about the music anyways.

Meeting Scott for the first time was great. He was full of energy and most of all excited about what he was doing. He was really nice and knew exactly what he wanted, which I tried to give him. The clarinet wasn’t a big part, but being part of the whole project was a really cool feeling. He’s a really smart person and a very talented musician and songwriter. I know he’ll go far.