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Matt Taylor

portrait of Matt in a suit

Curiously, Matt doesn’t speak any French, but is able to play a French horn. Scientists and linguists are currently studying him to figure out how this is possible.

Matt played his French horn as part of the hodge podge orchestra on “Oceans of Blood.” Like, several of the other players in the orchestra, we had never met before. Thanks to a couple of the Betts sisters, Matt was chosen as the French horn player.

He squeezed into the tiny office near the band room at Walker Valley High School with me and we tracked him playing his part. A few minutes later he was out the door and I haven’t seen him since, but I’m happy Matt was willing to share his talent with a stranger that day.

Matt says:

My musical history begins with my parents; they both started in church music. My father, playing the guitar, and my mother, playing the piano, gave me the decision between which instrument I wanted to learn, respectively.

So, as life carried me, I decided to go with guitar. I started playing guitar in fourth grade or so, and eventually that led to classical music. I first started playing horn in seventh grade (I started on trumpet in sixth grade) only because my cousin played horn in high school. Since he was a big influence in my life, I thought, “Why not?” and aspired to play as well as my cousin. As I began to grow, my priorities of playing slowly changed.

Now, when I play, I not only play for myself, but I feel that I also play for others. I’m starting to not only allow myself to enjoy music, but I try to allow myself to let /bio/ to enjoy my music as well.

I would like to thank Scott for allowing me to have his trust in my ability to record on his album. I know as a composition hobbyist that finding what you want is very hard, and I hope to have filled his need for a horn player. I wish Scott not the best of luck, but the best of skill in the release of his album and I hope that his future endeavors succeed.