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Luke Albrecht

photo of Luke playing a balalaika

You should have seen Luke windmilling on this thing during the recording.

Luke and his family are friends of mine that I often stay with while in the Milwaukee area. They all love music and have made it a fixture in their home. It was in their basement studio where I did much of the arrangement and recording of percussion parts heard at the beginning and end of “Drift, Drift, Drift.”

While I working on the song, Luke stopped in to see how the recording was going and I asked him if he’d like to play on it. He was up for the idea, but didn’t know what he should play. I pointed to a triangular stringed thing standing on top of an upright piano and asked, “How about that?” Luke informed me that it was a balalaika, a three string Russian lute-like instrument.

We tuned it up (as best as we could) and he tracked the quirky three note twangy part that sort of echoes my clashy slide guitar. Luke’s part was definitely a nice touch, adding yet another layer of internationality to the sounds heard in that song.

Luke says:

I was born in Kotelnych, Russia and adopted when I was two years old. My family is very musical, everyone plays instruments and sings. In fifth grade, I started playing alto saxophone for band and finished high school as first chair for altos in the Wind Ensemble, first chair for tenor sax in the Jazz Ensemble, and first chair alto for marching band. I also played in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra for three years.

I write and compose music. My junior year in high school I composed a piece called “Revolutions” that the Wind Ensemble played live during one of our concerts. I continue to write music (my latest I actually sing in Hebrew) and play on worship teams at church.

Luke’s songs on Youtube:

portrait of Luke

Luke is so strong, he could crush you with his hands. Lucky for you, he’s a really nice guy.

I was part of Dnipro Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Milwaukee for about seven years. We performed in the Midwest year round.

I am also a sponsored athlete for a parkour/freerunning company called Team Sanjuu. I travel around to different cities and make videos and stuff (our Youtube channel is FlowPKFR). I’ve done parkour for about seven years now too.

I love how creative and inventive Scott is in writing music. Every sound matters, and he searches for unique sounds that add so much to his songs. Great thought is put into his music. I really look forward to hearing this new album!