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Katie Nelson

portrait of Katie Nelson playing guitar

Katie brings a wind machine with her everywhere just so her hair always looks amazing in photos. (Photo by Linnea Davis.)

Katie Nelson is song bird. I first met Katie at a Rudisill show. She is a friend of Dan Wilton and his family. They invited her to come see our band play. Having grown up in a folk music home, she hadn’t seen many rock bands perform, so Katie sat in the front row slack-jawed and wide-eyed for the entire show. I thought she was crazy. (As I would learn later, I was right. She’s crazy about life. 😉 )

Later that same year, our band helped Katie record her second album by playing most of the instrumentation. We began touring with Katie as her band, mostly in the Midwest and a bit in Northern Ireland. Katie and Rudisill were both becoming busier as full time music acts.

Then Rudisill went on indefinite hiatus and everyone headed in different directions. Not only did I lose my band, but so did she. Katie and I both had all our proverbial eggs in the music basket. She asked if I would back her still, even if the other guys couldn’t. I said, “Yes, but I can’t just be your guitarist. I’ll have to support myself by being a solo artist too.”

So before I hit the road with Katie on our first tour along the East Coast of the U.S., I turned to Lynn Graber for help. We quickly recorded my debut EP Somewhere Between Nicaragua & New York. That first tour was only supposed to last about a month, but turned into a nearly continuous adventure lasting several years.

So much happened in that time, that trying to explain it all seems too daunting. New places were discovered, friends were made, cars broke down, homes were given up, songs were written, the music industry changed, lessons were learned, and ideas were born. Through out all of it, Katie was my booking agent, road manager, cheerleader, patient friend, and musical comrade. She is one of the first people I turn to regarding musical ideas and has had an influence in nearly every detail of my album All Is Sideways.

Katie can be heard all over the album, playing all sorts of acoustic and electric pianos on tracks like “All Is Sideways,” “Medicine Man,” “Come On Up To The House,” “Golden Slumbers,” “If Ever In Doubt,” and “O Sweet Grace.” She is the featured vocalist on “O Sweet Grace,” a song she helped me write, but won’t claim credit for it. She also sang background vocal parts on “All Is Sideways,” “Medicine Man,” and “Oceans of Blood.” She deserves unmeasurable amounts of credit for her generous contributions to this album and my music career in general. Thank you, Katie.

Katie says:

portrait of Katie Nelson playing piano

Katie is a seasoned professional, but occasionally still has trouble with microphone placement.

My name is Katie Nelson.

I love music.

By the grace of God and the kindness of friends, I’ve been able to play music professionally for about eight years. I have recorded three albums: Alabaster Worship (2003), Do You Know Who He Is? (2005), and Speak To Me (2007).

I’m currently on a songwriting break and happy to say that I just finished writing ten songs about queens from throughout history. I can hardly wait to record these songs and share them with you all.

I’ve also been leading worship at a church that feels like being with family; Stanwich Congregational Church in Greenwich, Connecticut.

You can check out some of my music and hear about future releases at katienelsonmusic.com.

Take 1452. This explains everything.

Six of the eight years that I’ve been playing music, I’ve had the honor of working along side Scott Troyer, one of the most creative and hard working men I know.

During that time I’ve had the privilege of being around him as he begins, completes, changes, performs, and records a song. Having this view has been a better gift than anything I could receive at Christmas.

As I’ve been thinking about the All Is Sideways album and about Scott Troyer as a musician, a few things come to mind:

  1. Scott is a Willy Wonka of musical sounds. I can’t tell you how many times he’s picked up a random object and said, “We should record this sound.” The best part about it: he does.
  2. He’s like a sailor lost at sea with an orchestra and a good set of drums.
  3. At times his voice is so gritty and so soulful that I feel the lyrics and have to move my head in agreement. Other times his voice is on verge of breaking and I feel as though the lyrics pull me along like a friend whispering to me, “Keep going, Katie.”
  4. The songs resonate with my soul and yet surprise my ears.
  5. This music means so much to me that I almost feel like I’m releasing an album myself. I can hardly wait for you all to hear it.

Thank you Scott for allowing me to be part of this project. Your hard work, patience, creativity, and spontaneity have paid off. This music is beautiful.