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Jonathan Hill

Jon playing bass guitar at C2G

Jonathan Hill is a synonym for rock and roll.

In high school, Nathan Hamlin and I were huge fans of a local band – mainly because of the bassist. He played a six string bass and we really liked listening to and watching him perform. He was ridiculously good and put on a heck of a show. We had never seen anything like it. He was our rock and roll idol. I don’t think he even knew who we were, but we knew who he was.

That bassist was Jon Hill.

Now fast forward about a decade.

My band started playing the Fort Wayne music scene. Eventually we rubbed shoulders with a band called homeless J, of which Jon was the bass player. We got to know the guys and even shared a stage with them once.

Jon Hill recording Death of Seasons

This is Jon recording “Death of Seasons.” His face is blurry because he is always rocking out.

Sometime later, I called up Jon to see if he would record on a song for my album All Is Sideways. He obliged. So while I passing through Chicago on tour, I met up with Jon at his band’s practice space, a tiny room in a huge industrial building. It was one room among many that was filled with bands (mostly metal) rehearsing loudly. We ignored the noise, cranked up the headphones, and Jon shredded through “Death of Seasons” with ease. I’m honored to have Jon play on my record.

Jon says:

I’m currently producing and mixing a homeless J record, although at the pace of a snail. I hope to release the record before this time next year. In Chicago, I play in the three piece rock band Geoff Dolce. We write a lot of tunes and play out live about once a month at some great venues with bands much more famous than us. I’m not complaining! Three words: I love music!

I appreciate the opportunity and am happy to contribute to your your record, Scott.