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Jared Ribble

Jared Ribble working in the control room

In this photo, Jared is either producing a hit record or putting together a grocery list. Whichever it is, rest assured it will be great.

Meeting Jared happened sort of randomly. I was on tour in the South with Katie Nelson. She had arranged to meet Jared’s brother Clint in Nashville for lunch to talk about keyboards. Clint told Jared we were meeting up with him, so Jared surprised us by stopping in to join us for sushi. While we ate, we got to know each other and chatted about the fun and struggles of songwriting, recording, and touring.

After lunch, Jared invited us over to record something free of charge. His generous gift of engineering a session that fateful afternoon began what eventually became the title track of my album All Is Sideways.

Jared Ribble drumming

The drum says Ludwig, but his name is actually Jared.

Jared Ribble is a founding member, and record producer for Advantage Music Production. He specializes in project management for the recording & radio divisions of AMP, along with mixing, and some track editing. On occasion he can be found engineering in the studio, and drumming on some of the recordings.

Originally from Wisconsin, Jared moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University and graduated in May of 2001 with a degree in Commercial Music-Percussion Performance. As a professional drummer, Jared has toured all over the world with Grammy, and Dove Award winning acts, as well as serving as a house band drummer for several television shows.

To see the long list of big name artists Jared has worked with, visit his website JaredRibble.com.