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David Niemi

portrait of David with his accordion

David would play you a song on his accordion, but he can’t reed music. Ba-dump-tsh!

David Niemi, a sixteen year old singer-songwriter from Neenah, Wisconsin, grew up in a vocally talented home and started playing piano at a young age. Besides singing, he has learned (and never will stop learning) to play the guitar, bass, mandolin, and the drums. He is involved with leading musical worship at church and youth group.

David is really interested in recording; he and his dad are in the process of building a studio in their basement. It is his dream to record and produce an album of original songs and it is becoming more of a reality every day. David says his highest goal, however, is to glorify God through his life, as well as his music.

candid shot of David recording mandolin

Until the studio is built in the basement, the family room will do just fine.

David is a distant cousin of Katie Nelson and Daniel Nelson; that’s how I met him. He has the distinction of being the youngest performer to play on All Is Sideways, but don’t let his youth fool you – David is a very talented player and a really smart guy too.

I had the pleasure of spending the better part of a day at the Niemi home hanging out with David, talking about music, and recording him playing a Finnish pan flute on “Drift, Drift, Drift” and mandolin on “Medicine Man” and “Bring Me All The Way Home.” We had a lot of fun working on those songs and I was impressed with David’s musical abilities. He certainly has a bright future in front of him!

You can find more information and music at facebook.com/DavidPaulMartinNiemi

David says:

It was an honor to be included in the making of All Is Sideways, and it was so fun to hear it all come together into a finished product. Scott has been so helpful and encouraging to me and his music has inspired me and my own songwriting.