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Dan Wilton

portrait of Dan playing acoustic guitar

Dan is way too attractive. This is a scientific fact.

Dan and I met for the first time at our band’s first practice. Nathan Hamlin had a assembled a group of guys to audition some of my songs and Dan was the bassist he brought along. Though Dan showed up without strings on his bass, spent most of the practice stringing up, and had to leave early (girlfriends, pff!), I heard enough of his playing to immediately know that he was my type of bass player. Dan digs deep, concerns himself with locking into the drummer, hears the harmonies, can play chords when necessary, and loves to move up the neck.

Since that first practice, Dan has become a close friend and loyal ally. I trust his musical tastes so much that when I write music I try to create melodies and chord clusters that will make him happy and envious. Dan is a calm reservoir of deep love, friendship, and encouragment. He’s also an incredible songwriter himself, contributing significantly to Rudisill’s repertoire. If Nathan and I were the Lennon/McCartney, Dan was our George Harrison, the quiet one, the band’s spiritual guide, a thoughtful man contented with simple pleasures, a writer of beautifully complex music.

I miss playing with Dan. He taught me much about music and life. Maybe someday we’ll find ourselves on stage or in the studio again. I am thrilled with Dan’s bass line on “All Is Sideways.” With just two hands and an electric bass, he somehow managed to evoke both the grumbling of a storm and the flutter of birds. Well done, Dan.

Dan says:

My name is Dan Wilton and I live in Peoria, Illinois with my wonderful wife and daughter. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and have found joy and inspiration in His great care for me. I also consider myself a musician. I started creating music in Junior High with my twin brother Dave. We both worked a summer to purchase our first electric guitars and the rest as they say is history. He is still very involved in creating music and goes by the artist name A Boy & His Kite. He and I formed the emo-rock band Lucid Chrysalis and wrote and performed “pretty Midwest emo-rock” music throughout high school. In those years, I saw the birth of the Internet along with digital recording and can often get nostalgic thinking about recording to tape and going to the record store to listen to albums.

I am a bass player at heart. I love everything about it. I love the emotion it communicates through a perfectly crafted line. I love the excitement it produces when bass and drums come together in perfect syncopation. I love how subtle and effective it can be at giving songs depth and harmony through the use of chords and counter melodies. With all of that said, few artists have challenged my bass chops and writer’s spirit more than Scott Troyer. His friendship, gift for songwriting, and love to see God magnified through honest expression has grown our friendship into brotherhood.

I was in the band Rudisill with Scott when the song “All Is Sideways” was born. I have had a fond affection for it just as a close uncle may be fond of their beloved niece or nephew. Because of this, it was an incredible privilege to be a part of its recording. In the midst of his travels, Scott found some time to visit my wife and I and we dedicated one evening to recording in my small red music room. We sat on the floor between the piano and sofa and quickly got lost in the writing process. Listening to the final result still makes me smile. My bass line in “All Is Sideways” remains one of my most treasured artistic expressions. I hope the song captures a piece of you, as it has me, and reminds you of hope no matter what storm you may find yourself in.

portrait of Dan Wilton with his books

Dan reads good.

I continue to write songs as they make their way to the surface of my busy life. I am enjoying working with the youth of my church and pursuing a degree in seminary. During this season my guitars are often neglected, but I still have songs in my heart that consist of good theology, good spiritual friendships, and treasured time with my family. If I am fortunate to record and share my music in the future, I hope you will discover me and my songs as you would an old and familiar friend. Thank you for supporting my gifted friend Scott and be sure to spread the word about his All Is Sideways album!