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Chris Whonsetler

Chris Whonsetler self portrait in black and white

Chris reveals his multi-faceted talents in this photograph as both expert photographer and scruffy, attractive male model.

Chris is my cousin and a freelance commercial photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Growing up in a small town in central Indiana gave Chris the curiosity and ambition to travel to as many locations in the world as possible.

Mission work plays a large role in Chris’ life. He loves using the talents the Lord has blessed him with to give back to communities in need. Impacto Spanish Ministries in Guatemala holds a special place in Chris’ heart. On multiple occasions he has served with Impacto in the Lake Atitlán region to help provide family portraits to individuals, several of which had never seen an image of themselves before.

At home, Chris thrives on collaborative projects. He merges his creative ambition with his clients’ personalities, producing a set of images unique to them. He prefers to photograph on location to incorporate the best backdrop that helps to define his clients’ stories. Trusting Chris to provide you with amazing images is easy. He will go to virtually any length to produce the best images quickly, completing the next phase of your project ahead of deadline.

Chris shooting photos in Guatemala

Chris has helped me with several projects, including all of the promotional photos for my album All Is Sideways.

Chris says:

Working with Scott is always a fantastic experience! His creativity and passion bleeds through to everyone he works with. The fact that he isn’t satisfied with anything less than 100% takes working with Scott to a entirely new level. Its both an energizing jolt of passion and innovation and a sobering reminder that we aren’t working as hard as our competitors. Scott is a massive source of inspiration in my life. He always helps me think of new solutions to old problems and helps me think outside of the box.

One thing I love about Scott is his audacity. He will always speak his mind, he always holds true to his values, and doesn’t back down. Yes, it can be frustrating at times, especially if you are not used to it, but when all is said and done you know you are going to get 100%.