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Anna Leinbach

Anna singing

Anna prefers a red gel from stage right, amber from stage left, and magenta overhead, but hey, you’re the lighting engineer, your call.

Anna studied classical violin and sang in a church choir growing up, but now plays popular styles, as well. She graduated from Columbia University and is working on her Ph.D. in Historical Musicology at New York University.

Anna keeps quite busy with musical endeavors. She can be found playing for various live performances (both popular and classical) around NYC, recording violin and vocals for original artists and projects, leading worship at Stanwich Congregational Church, and teaching violin and voice.

I met Anna a few years ago while on tour in Connecticut. A couple years later, I was on tour in New Hampshire and had a chance to record the pump organ heard on “Bring Me All The Way Home.” Since I was heading to Philly and knew I would be passing through Connecticut, I thought it would be really nice to have Anna play violin on that song. It was a long shot, since Anna is almost always booked and I only had one day that could possibly work. I contacted Anna and luckily my free day was the only day she had free as well.

Anna playing violin

The reason “Bring Me All The Way Home” is so long at the end is because Anna put me to sleep with her sweet, sweet violining and the recording kept rolling.

I’m so glad that Anna could play on my record. She is extremely talented. Hear Anna play violin on my song “Bring Me All The Way Home,” the last track on All Is Sideways.