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Performance vs. Worship

I’m over it.

January 23rd, 2018 | Songwriting | | Comments: 0

There is performance.

There is worship.

They can be opposing forces in the minds of those who view them as such, but these attributes of church music (and other displays of spiritual music playing) are not necessarily at opposite ends of a spectrum.

When worship is well performed and a performance is worshipful, there is no longer anything to argue about. This “one versus the other” argument is so tired and worn out. You can play your heart out and play well. That is not impossible.

What constitutes a worshipful performance (or inversely, well-performed worship)? That debate could go on forever. But one thing is certain, worship and performance are NOT mutually exclusive circles on a Venn diagram.

I’m so over it. You should be too. Perform well. Worship well.

{end of debate}

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