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All Is Sideways release to be announced. Experts say album available “soon.” Place your order now!

September 13th, 2012 | Audio | , , | Comments: 5

UPDATE: All Is Sideways is out. Order now!

All Is Sideways artwork by Topher Aodhsson. All rights reserved.

What began ages ago as mere inklings of thought, vague notions of concept, and a few sparse melodies has now — at long last! — become a physical reality. The audio is mastered, the artwork polished, and the replication of my album has begun.

In a few short weeks All Is Sideways will be available in a variety of digital formats from the gamut of major online digital retailers, but those that preorder a CD will receive the album first (and signed too).

If you have followed the progress of this album, you know what a long, troublesome, and strange process it has been. The project began with a chance encounter with Jared Ribble in Nashville years ago while on tour. As time wore on and the tour meandered about the country, more chance encounters with musical friends (new and old) led to the creation of key components of the album. All Is Sideways features dozens of players in as many places playing all sorts of instruments. In as much as America is a melting pot, so too is this album a sonic stone soup. The individual tracks may seem too disparate to make an album, but one thing rings true for these songs:

They are part of me.

Time and again I’ve nearly given up believing that I’d ever finish this project. Attempting to make an album, one with your heart and soul embedded in the ones and zeros, can nearly break an artist. That goal is even more difficult when you’re a lone vagabond. You end up questioning everything — every note, phrase, idea, inclination — and not being sure of any of the answers you come up with. I found myself in a cyclical pattern of creating things, building layers, finding problems, giving up hope, discovering clarity, trying again, learning more than I wanted to know, rethinking my songs and myself, driving long silent hours on the road, questioning my purpose and plans, and eventually coming to terms (I think…) with the process. Album making is like psychotherapy, but the lines of professionalism and privacy get messed up because you’re both the patient and practitioner. It’s a head game and your results get published. Humbling.

So you can imagine why, even after all this time that I’ve had to work on the album, I feel a bit reluctant releasing it into the wild. While I’ve been really eager to get this album out there to you, my friends and family, part of me doesn’t feel ready. But as my friend (and engineer for most of the album) Lynn Graber often says:

“An album is never done. Eventually you just have to let it go.”

He’s right. I’ll never be finished with these songs. Every time I play them, listen to them, or think about them, I discover something new — a note to work on, a finer nuance to express, a deeper meaning of a lyric, a greater understanding of myself. I supposed that’s a place of growth or maturity or something else profound. In that regard, the songs may never be done and that’s probably a good thing.

Finished or not, the perfect moment will never come, so I’m letting the album go. Here it is: the button that lets me know that you want to hear what I’ve made for you. 😉

Track list for All Is Sideways

  1. “All Is Sideways”
  2. “Drift, Drift, Drift”
  3. “Death of Seasons”
  4. “Medicine Man”
  5. “Oceans of Blood”
  6. “Come On Up To The House”
  7. “Golden Slumbers”
  8. “If Ever In Doubt”
  9. “O Sweet Grace”
  10. “Bring Me All The Way Home”

Over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing more content about the songs on All Is Sideways via the internet tubes. Stay tuned.



  1. 1 Stevan Sheets 2:23 pm Sep 14, 2012

    #1 – It is SO GOOD to know you’re alive.
    #2 – I cannot wait to get my grubby paws on this album.
    #3 – We (The Sheets Family) love Scott Troyer.

  2. 2 Kim Albrecht 6:18 pm Sep 15, 2012

    head game is on! Can’t wait Scott.

  3. 3 Pastor Larry E. Bryant 6:48 pm Sep 17, 2012

    Pastor Larry loves Scott Troyer and believes in him; and in the message of his music.

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