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Ryan Lee

Ryan rocking out

Ladies, please address your love letters to The Ryan Lee Fan Club. Thanks – mgmt

Ryan is my cousin and rocks harder than a boat. He is an adventurer and the tender soul of a warrior poet. Ryan loves the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and rock and roll. His band, Slowpokes, can be found on Facebook and dirty watering holes all around his fair city, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I asked Ryan to come to the studio to track a swirling, arpeggiated electric guitar part on “O Sweet Grace.” He did just that and his playing can be heard on in the instrumental parts of track 9 on All Is Sideways.

Ryan says:

First off, many thanks to Scott Troyer for letting me pal around in the studio and lay a few licks in the process. It was actually my first true experience in such an environment. I really had a great time collaborating and creating with Scott.