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Lynn Graber

Lynn in the control room of The Recording House

Lynn makes no apologies for the swankiness of his studio. You’ve been warned. (Photo by Daniel Owens.)

I met Lynn Graber through a “battle of the bands” competition. He offered his studio time as a prize, secretly hoping that Rudisill (the band that I was in at the time) would win. His wish (and ours) came true and we recorded Carbon Paper Treaties, our first full length, with him.

Since then, Lynn has become my close friend, trusted engineer, and drinking buddy. I’ve been involved in a number of recording and live music projects with Lynn, enjoyed a few tours with him, and met many good /bio/ in his network of talented musicians.

All Is Sideways would not have happened without Lynn’s help. His fingerprints are all over this album. He was the recording engineer for many of the parts of the album, his drumming is featured on the title track, and he and I mixed the album together.

Lynn started playing music at a very young age. Nine years of piano lessons eventually led him to pick up playing the guitar, then eventually drums. After playing in a few bands and gaining valuable experience as a performing musician, Lynn’s passion shifted to the studio. He bought a 4 track cassette recorder and began recording his friends and any band that would let him.

As his understanding of music grew, so did his knowledge of the recording process. Soon Lynn opened his own studio after being commissioned 1600 sq. ft. of space in one of his fathers barns. Lynn’s intention was to turn this space in to a comfortable quiet escape that artists could use to focus on their music. The result is The Recording House, a private studio located unsuspectingly in Grabill, Indiana, where musicians can feel free to take risks.

Lynn continues to help artists record their music, and participates on projects on many different levels. Be it playing on the album, producing, mixing, or just engineering it. “One of my favorite moments of the recording process is the smile on the artists face after playback of the perfect take. When they realize the possibilities of where their creation can go,” says Lynn.

Lynn says:

Scott Troyer has always been one of my favorite artists and producers to work with. He is the perfect blend of vision, but letting musicians put their fingerprints on the project at hand. He is always thinking outside of the box and lifting those around him to greatness. This is evident on his latest album, All Is Sideways.

Some of my recent projects include: