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Landon Bailey

Landon Bailey playing acoustic guitar in the studio

Landon Bailey, singer, guitarist, heartbreaker.

Landon Bailey was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With a pianist/singer for a mother and a folk-loving/guitar-collecting grandfather, Landon quickly learned the art of music. Now proficient in several instruments, he sure does keep busy.

As a singer/songwriter, engineer/producer, and session/live musician, Landon has been involved in projects and tours nationally and internationally. He also enjoys writing and playing music with his lovely wife Kellie, under the title aptly named The Baileys.

Landon and Kellie currently reside in San Diego, California, with their beautiful daughter, Fair.

Landon makes great music. Follow these links to find it:

My song “Death of Seasons” would not be the gritty blues rocker it is without Landon’s guitar skills. Hear Landon make his guitar weep not-so-gently on track 3 of All Is Sideways. Also, check out the story behind the recording session.