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Kyle Levy

Kyle Levy drumming at Cornerstone

Kyle requires a minimum 6 hours of preshow prep time to get his hair to stay like that. On humid days he can take up to twice as long.

I met Kyle through Lynn Graber. The three of us often hit the local dive bar for wing night, where we mull over life, music, and how it is all related. Kyle’s joined me on a few tour dates, which always proves to be fun. He has also recorded a couple tracks for me too. I’ve found that when I get my act together and send him the correct click track (instead of one that’s several hundred samples off time), Kyle can really nail a drum part. 😉

You can hear Kyle crushing the drums on “Oceans of Blood” and “Come On Up To The House,” both of which are tunes on All Is Sideways.

Kyle has been drumming for 16 years. He’s toured all over the United States with multiple artists and recorded in many studio sessions. He also plays at his church while at home. He’s worked with artists such as Barry Blair (former Audio Adrenaline guitarist), Our Hero’s End, The Savvy (formerly Nineball), Don’t Wake Aislin, and several others. He’s a very versatile drummer proficient in pop, high energy rock & roll, blues, folk, contemporary Christian, and country.

Kyle is also the owner, founder, and builder of Levy Drum Company. Established in fall of 2011, the company specializes in building custom drums catering to customer taste and style. The snare drum played on “Oceans of Blood” was built by Levy Drum Company. Find more information about the company on their Facebook Page, LevyDrumCo.

Kyle says:

Its always a pleasure to work with Scott. The man is full of ideas and it is always a stress-free environment. Though Scott is a hard worker and is all about getting things done and done well, I have never felt pressured or criticized. I look forward to working with Scott again soon.