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Justin Carl Perkins

portrait of Justin

Justin is so fast, he may finish mastering your album before you finish recording it.

Justin is a former engineer at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin and the current mastering engineer at Mystery Room Mastering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of his recent clients include Miles Nielsen, Jaill, The Figgs, Smoking Popes, Trapper Schoepp & the Shades, and Tommy Stinson.

I was referred to Justin by Danen Kane, a singer/songwriter I met through Katie Nelson. Danen released a really great sounding album last year, so I asked him who he went to for mastering. Without hesitation he pointed me to Justin, saying that Justin is a great engineer and super affordable. Danen wasn’t kidding. Justin did a great job at a low price and crazy fast – ahead of schedule. And that’s how my album All Is Sideways was mastered.

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