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Daniel Nelson

Daniel Nelson playing guitar in the garage

Looks like garage rock. Isn’t garage rock.

Daniel Nelson was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, raised in Gladstone, Michigan, and is back to his roots in Chattanooga. He is just starting to get a feel for the music scene, forming a rock band, and playing guitar and piano for a few local musicians and churches.

Daniel is Katie Nelson’s younger brother. Like Katie, a love of music and songwriting runs in his blood. He’s joined Katie and I on tour occasionally and recorded electric guitar on two songs: “Medicine Man” and “If Ever In Doubt.”

I won’t be surprised when Daniel is playing with a who’s who of artists someday. He is a great guitar player and getting better every time I see him. He has the drive to improve and practices a lot. Attention artists: get to know Dan before he gets big and you can’t afford him anymore.

portrait of Daniel holding a flower

Daniel’s Recipe for Success: Take 1 handsome fella, add 1 cup of flowers, smile like you’re up to something.

Daniel says:

Scott Troyer is one of my favorite musicians to play with, and a mentor to whom I owe much. His passion for excellence, and tight but somehow loose and floating-cloud-like rhythms, are things I pick up on a little more every time I get the opportunity to play with him.

His song writing is consistently strong, melodic, and unique. The impact he’s had on my own music and the opportunities he’s given me to perform won’t be forgotten.