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Cliff Howard

portrait of Cliff

Cliff is also a member of a street gang called Newsies.

Cliff is a super nice guy and true multi-instrumentalist. We met at a gig in Cleveland, Tennessee. I heard him playing electric bass and thought he sounded terrific. After the show, we talked and he mentioned that he also plays upright bass. Intrigued, I asked him if he would play on my album. He said that he would love to record.

The next day we tracked “Medicine Man” in an upstairs office of his church building in between trains passing right next to us. I don’t think any of the train sounds made it into the recording, but if you want to double-check our work, check out track 4 of my album All Is Sideways.

Cliff says:

portrait of the Cliff Howard family

Kassie tried every trick she knew, but simply couldn’t get Cliff to wear pink for their family portrait.

I’ve been a Christ follower since I was five years old. He rules my life! I’ve been married for three years to my best friend and the absolute love of my life, Kassie. We have two girls, Izabella Grace and Addyson Hope.

I started playing music on a professional level when I was six years old, playing drums for a full time Southern Gospel group. At age seven, I was recognized by two major guitar companies as the Youngest Professional Bass Guitarist in Inspirational Music. When I was fourteen, I received Musician of the Year through the Southern Gospel Performers Guild. At age sixteen, I received Vocalist of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year through the same guild. I have shared the stage in many capacities with many legends of Gospel music.

Nowadays, I’m the Associate/Youth Pastor at Durkee Road Church in Cleveland. I do quite a bit of speaking at youth and men’s conferences. I have been extremely blessed to share conferences with Clayton King and many other notable speakers. Visit cliffhowardministry.wix.com for more information.

I co-own Grace Street Studio in Cleveland, Tennessee (423-380-9142) and that’s where I do all my personal recording.