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Charlie Thomas

portrait of Chuck Thomas in a top hat

There must have been some magic in that old top hat…

Charles Thomas is a man of many names, faces, personas, and connections. When I met Charlie, he was “Chuck,” the drummer for Migraines, a Misfits-esque Fort Wayne punk band. At that time, he already had a long list of artists and bands that he had played with. Charlie eventually joined Nathan Hamlin and Dan Wilton, and I to make the four piece outfit now know as Rudisill, which was a real band of misfits. Though we were very different from each other, we found that we could make good music together.

Charlie prefers faster and heavier music than I usually listen to, but in him I found a man of many similar resonances as myself. We seem to speak the same musical language. He never flinches as I switch tempos, time signatures, and even genres. We both enjoy the contrasts of loud/soft, delicate/heavy, brash/smooth. We’re both dabblers in the theatrical side of music-making, though he can easily upstage me. Charlie is a man of intensity and passion and I am honored to have him drum on both a tough (“Drift, Drift, Drift”) and tender (“Medicine Man”) track of All Is Sideways.

Charlie says:

Greeting, Programs!

Much has changed since the world first heard and saw the band that was Rudisill. Many of the group went and did things, too many to mention. Some married, others moved to distant lands. I, Charlie (aka Count Chuckula), headed in a darker direction, touring with Rottweiler Records artists Grave Robber and Chicago-based Leper.

I spent a good couple of years slaying behind the eyes of the Plague mask and managed to get endorsed by Evans Drumheads, ProMark Drumsticks, Puresound Percussion snare wires, FrontLine Custom Drums, Soultone Cymbals and even made friends with bobblehead company Funko!

Most recently, I have been touring and recording with horror rockers The B-Movie Monsters and new shock rock project The Lords of Salem.

I have recorded and performed with Mr. Troyer on several albums and some shows since the 2006 Rudisill hiatus. I have found Scott to be one of the most influential and addictive writers, producers, and performers of our generation. Scott has always been able to find the right hook, clever lyrical passage, and antidote to make every song he sings or writes stick in your head for years. Want proof? Find Rudisill’s debut disk, Carbon Paper Treaties (proof is in the name).

Scott is an absolute pleasure to know and work with. Almost in a fearful way, I look forward to whatever comes out of Scott’s creative genius. In short, he terrifies me in a way that a good thriller might, or a decent (if you could find one) horror might spook you on a crisp October evening…a good fear…a good thrill. He makes you think, challenges you deeply, and always warms you with his honesty and extreme attention to detail and depth.

With much love and admiration, I anticipate and almost prophesy that given the right audience and the proper chance, Scott will change the face of the musical scene and give it the proper enema it requires!

God Bless you, my dear friend and godspeed; full engines ahead!

— ^V^ The Count ^V^