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Aaron “Hoss” Heise

Hoss doesn’t take everything with a grain of salt, he is the grain of salt.

Hoss is an old friend of mine and one of the smartest guys I know. While on tour with Katie Nelson and me, we nearly burnt down a national forest, hammocked in a tree hanging over a lake, princessed a boat, jumped on hotel beds, and talked a lot about technology.

Together with Nathan Hamlin, we co-founded Ground Up Audio, an iOS app-making company, for which he was the brains (programmer) and I was the beauty (design). We have other conspiracies we occasionally work on too.

Hoss is suspected of having the power to raise the dead too, as he has also managed to earn himself a spot in my old band Rudisill as our resident keyboardist/growling tiger/missing ingredient. His work can be heard on our soon-to-be finished “posthumously” released sophomore effort Take To Flight.

Hoss can be heard putting a heavy hand to a B3 organ on “Death of Seasons,” which is track number 3 on All Is Sideways.

Hoss says:

Hoss flys planes and shares an awful lot in common with this guy.

I’m a nerd and self-proclaimed genius who loves learning and creating. I taught myself how to write computer software (though I went to college to learn how to do that better), to play piano and guitar, and to fix electronics. I learned how to fly airplanes off of my grandpa’s cow-pasture-turned-runway in his little four seat puddle jumper, and though I earn a rather modest income, I still manage to find my way into the sky occasionally. I love using music to discover more about the world and about myself; music is the language of my heart, and through music my heart can hear the subtle truths of the world and whisper back.

Day to day I lead a team of software engineers at a small software consulting firm, play music wherever I catch a whiff of some tasty music cooking, and spend time with my beautiful woman. I try to stick to the simple things of life: freedom, truth, and love.

Things I’m up to…well, working, mostly 😛

I’ve known Scott for the better part of a decade now, and though he has been working on this album since ever I knew him, I’m really excited for it. I’ve watched Scott has literally put his blood, sweat, and tears into it, and that it is as honest of a product of him as a man is capable of making. I’m proud and honored to have been able to contribute to this project, and I can’t wait to see where life takes Scott and his work.